Thursday, November 1, 2012

I said I'd be back - and I like big butts, therefore, I cannot lie.

Holy Moly… has it seriously been eight months since I’ve last spouted off about my extremely interesting life! Yikes! How all my faithful readers have gotten through this withdrawal period is beyond me! Let’s get this started again ‘cause I think Jon is tired of hearing me whine. I whine about my iron, I whine about running, I whine about my addiction to small Halloween sized candy bars, yet for some reason, if I write all this out for the public to see, I’m much less likely to put it all on poor Jon. So in short…let’s go through what’s happened for the past few months:

March – my fifth (possibly final) surgery for the boobies. Nothing in comparison to Baywatch, they are more under my armpits than under my chin – but they’ll do. This could have actually been April, I really don’t remember anymore!

April – Maybe this was my surgery month? Who knows... I know i did go to Chi-town to see the Panagiotopoulos family and ate my weight in Greek food! Plus 5 months into my new Emergency Management job at the University and LOVIN’ it!
Incredible family full of strength and love

May – Participated in Art bra and had a blast! Don’t think I was the favorite of the person that organized it, and probably won’t be asked back ever, but if you can’t live life fully, why live? Also, went to a benefit for my wonderful cousin Bill (see June/July below)! What an incredible story. I love this family dearly. 

June and July – LAKE TIME! Every weekend at the lake. My incredible, incredible cousins from Minnesota were in town for these months. Their father, the most gracious, kind, incredibly lovable person you’d ever meet, was diagnosed with Amyloidosis. A very scary disease – he is back home now and fortunately, so are his kiddos! So glad they are back together as a family should be, but oh how I miss them.

My wonderful siblings!
August – Colonoscopy for Kelly! My iron is still ridiculous so tracking down the cause. Also, in more exciting news…Jeremy and Leanna’s big wedding month! Yay for the happy couple!

Sure do look like a greasy Italian here!
September – Aw….trip to Rome…. Also got engaged!

October – Ran my first half marathon since my series of surgeries began – didn’t do as well as I wanted, but finished with a respectable 1:44:21. Also, doing an experiment with the doc where I go off Tamoxifen for 6 weeks and see if that helps with a myriad of side effects I’ve been having. Also a much needed gal's trip to Chicago! What, what!

November – Iron STILL low – started IV Iron supplements last week, but will continue through this month and next. So every Monday, I go to the cancer center and sit for two hours while they fill me with red ferrous sulfate.

So short, sweet, nothing too exciting. But hopefully I can write at least once every couple of weeks, as I know both my readers are on the edge of their seats awaiting my updates! Until next time…xoxo.