Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hair, hair Everywhere!!!

Kim and her beautiful Sophia!

And so it has Everywhere. Oh well, not a big deal, it'll grow back. Mostly just shocked at how quickly it's happening! I highly doubt I'll make it to my party on the 12th with hair to be shaved and that is perfectly fine as I am not the only one in the family with a lack of hair right now-my favorite older sister Kim and her hubby Don have a brand new baby girl Sophia Jane-Lorraine! Looks like she'll have a bit more on top than me-something to strive for I guess! It's funny how life works, just when you want to think life has kicked you, just when you want to feel bad about the hand that was dealt, karma kicks in. Kim is probably the most positive, upbeat person you will meet in life. Her personality draws people in like Walmart draws in poorly dressed drug addicts. She gives so much to others and strives to make her friends and family smile. You cannot help but laugh when you're around her-when I'm having a bad day, she has taught me how to turn it around and look at the positive! I don't think I've met anyone who complains less in life (maybe my mom). Kim was meant to be a mother, meant to influence and raise a child. What goes around truly does come around as Kim has always been a blessing, she too now has a blessing of her own. Kim, Don and Doni, we are all very excited for you-you have a beautiful family, which I proudly get to say I am a part of! Love you! XOXO

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ode to T-Dawg...

Note my $30 wig...he wears it well!
So today I am blogging about my dear, dear friend Travis. He said that he's disappointed that there is not more talk of this one's for you big boy! I actually met Travis through my brother as I found that it's easier to steal friends than to try to make them on your own. Naturally Travis liked me more than Jeremy as I'm funnier and better looking. I was naturally drawn to Travis because he gave me heavily discounted acupuncture treatments...we were and still are a good match! Travis is the first one I ran to when I got the news of my cancer. He had a plan, he had advice, most importantly he had a hug that made me feel safe. Travis has overcome so many obstacles in life...I have never met anyone so strong. It's definitely not my place to state his mountains he has had to climb...he needs to start his own hippie blog, he really does. Even with all that is on his plate, he gives his time generously to charities and people in need AND on top of that, he listens to me whine about stupid, menial things and he never judges me for any of it. At my surprise 30th birthday party, he let me hit on him relentlessly all me, I'm not that cute after 27 shots. Despite my sloppy display, he called me the next day to check on my hangover. Travis is a rare find in friends, someone who gives it to you straight, can tell you your weaknesses yet never asks that you change them. We are best friends, brother and sister, confidants. I am so, so blessed to have Travis in my life...he's family! Love you Travis!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bald ain't nothin' when you've got best friends...

Not me, but pouting seemed appropriate
So I've been selfish lately, pouting around and carrying on like a baby...something about the mouth sores and dry skin made me feel like I've "had it rough." I went and had my second opinion with another surgeon who agreed with the first on the mastectomy, so still the decision is mine to make (dammit)!!

Anyway...moving on, today I go to my friend Sam's blog ( just to find out she is on a mission to raise $1,000 bucks for me...well for cancer, but in honor of me. When that money is raised she plans on shaving her head at my "One upper Party" AND dying her hair pink until that date (March 12)! Now this gal is popular, so I know the goal will be reached. But who does that? Granted, she's gorgeous and will "sport" baldness with profound beauty and class, but she certainly does not need to. Not only has she and her husband made me ENDLESS amounts of meals, but she's listened to my whining for the last two years, she gets me out of bed for 5am runs, she forces me to be a better person.  Guess it's how that saying goes..."like thighs, friends stick together." I jest, but in all seriousness, I am (for once in my life) speechless. I've touted on this page time and time again how blessed I am to have found the people I have in my life. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without them and this is just one more example of the people I have been lucky enough to surround myself with! I am so glad that most of the tears I shed are tears of joy. With my deepest gratitude and thanks, I love you all...
Best friend and running partner Sam

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One down, three to go...

Flowers from Hollie!
Flowers from Sam!
Well, the morning started off just as expected, the parents came up, I had my blood taken and an IV started, then we went and tried on some wigs (just to get a feel) at the boutique in the cancer center. After meeting with my oncologist to cover any further questions, I headed upstairs for my first round of chemo. I was a bit low on potassium, so they loaded me up with a couple of potassium horse pills-they said if I could find a way to make a smaller one, I'd be rich, so will be researching that I think! When we finally began, it was quite simple, I got very tired and felt bad for my visitors that came and left. Travis at least got to go eat lunch with my dad, my poor mom just sat in this uncomfortable chair and watched me sleep. Hollie came by at the end of my treatment and brought me the cutest flowers, again...I was completely out of it! So gracious of them to stop by and I was horrible company! After we wrapped up and went home Sam and Kari came by-flowers, books, angels, too many gifts that I had not deserved. I know I say this over and over again, but each day I am shocked at the graciousness of my family and friends. I don't know where you learn this selfless giving, I don't think I have it yet, but am learning each day from the ones I love.

This morning I felt great, went for a nice, easy run! I went in for a quick shot after that to keep my white blood cell count high, then my parents took me for breakfast! Food isn't agreeing as well as I'd like, but I can eat small amounts easily, just not a lot in one sitting. I thought I'd make it the entire day without a nap, but fell asleep for about two hours-oh well, I'll blame the chemo and not the fact that I am trying to avoid homework!!

Flowers from my wonderful Chi-town Greek family!
Just one more thank you to all the emails, messages, calls, texts... thank you all, you do too much for me! Love you all! XOXO

Saturday, February 5, 2011

And the winner is (insert drumroll here)...

TC (Taxotere cyclophosphamide) is the gold medalist! Went to the oncologist yesterday and he said all his oncologist friends agreed that they would recommend TC. So I will begin that next Friday, the 11th. The day will begin with a blood test to determine my white blood cell count, a visit with the doc (probably over coffee and surely just to gab), then 4 hours or so of cable tv watching while the drug is administered intravenously. I don't even have cable so the fact that I'll get to catch up on some fox news is quite appealing! This same process will occur once every 3 weeks for 3 months, meaning only 4 treatments total! They said hair loss would probably occur between 3 - 5 weeks, which is fine, I feel I'm going to look absolutely stunning bald, I just really wish my mom wouldn't have dropped me as much as she did...
I mostly feel bad for Jeremy since I'll just look like a more in shape version of him! ; )
Well, that's that for now. No decision on the mastectomy yet, my wonderful friends are helping me get things together for some second opinions, I will let you know how those turn out!! XOXO

And for a little added humor, I found this: "The ten worst ways to break a cancer diagnosis to your family" cancer is not funny, but this sure is! My favs: #2, 4 and 5...enjoy!

#10: Wear an "I've Got Cancer" t-shirt around the house.
#9:   Using overly intricate (and thoroughly confusing) means:
      - Spouse: Honey, you don't look so well. Are you feeling alright?
      - Response: Well, if by 'are' you mean 'do', and if by 'feeling' you mean 'have' and if by 'alright' you
        mean 'cancer', then the answer is yes, I most certainly do.
#8:  Vanity license plates: [2MR GUY], [KEMO GAL], [CNCR SUX], [CNCR FITR]
#7:  Via text message. (omg! ive gt cancer. not kewl.)
#6:  Make your family play connect the dots with your twisted logic:
      "Ya know, I was thinking about what a horrible disease that cancer is and how fate must really hate
        someone to inflict such a horrible curse on them. Well, apparently Fate hates me."
#5:   The Relativity Approach:
        "Well honey, I got fired from my job for sleeping with the cleaning lady, who apparently gave me
          HIV. You should get yourself checked out ASAP. Ha ha, just kidding about the way,
          I have cancer.
#4:   "Alright everybody, raise your hand if you DON'T have cancer."
        (raising your hand at first, then slowly dropping it as everyone watches)
#3:   On the Jumbotron at a sporting event.
#2:   Through clever subtlties:
         - Spouse: Do you have Billy's basketball schedule for next week?
         - Response: I'll tell ya what I don't have...the ability to properly regulate cell growth and
           proliferation anymore.
                         And the #1 worst way to break cancer diagnosis news to your family:
                               "Knock-Knock"..."Who's there?"..."I have cancer."