Friday, April 22, 2011


This is it...the beginning!
Wow, what a weight lifted from my shoulders! I am done!! AND I ran better than I thought...prepared to do a 5-hour marathon, I finished in 3:43:50...which is great for me!!! I don't even know where to begin, the race is crowded from beginning to end, not only with runners, but with people out there cheering us on! Around mile 8-ish I got into some trouble where I didn't think there was a way I would finish, then my lifesaver arrived...Shari Bashaw-she told me stories of her 61 marathons, of her life, of her ultras she's done (second in Western States)! We peed in the woods really can't beat the bond of a run! She carried me through and pushed me forward around mile 18, I know I wouldn't have finished without her, thank you Shari!
Can you see this guy!

Of course everyone there was an inspiration...there was the *mostly naked running guy, who ran barefoot in a loin cloth, a man that ran in full fire gear and of course Team Hoyt, the father who pushes his paraplegic son...incredible! On top of all that, the streets were just lined from beginning to end with people there to cheer you on! Plus I brought a couple from home! Brent and Sam both came out to race and I got to see my incredible gal pal Sinem out there-they were all so wonderful (you can imagine how pleasant I was with all that anxiety) I could go on and on...but suppose I have to get back to work sometime today!

THE FINISH! So excited!
As fun as Boston was, home is where the heart is and I am glad to be back. I arrived to an incredible surprise of all my favorites left by my friends (gotta stop giving out my damn garage code) and a beautiful quilt made by my Aunt Tammy! All of it came in use yesterday since it was MY LAST CHEMO DAY!!!! I got home, watched some movies with my dad, ate way too many reeses eggs left by my friends and cuddled in my incredibly made, wonderful smelling quilt...Dorothy had one thing right..."there is no place like home!"
Me and Dick Hoyt...incredible Inspiration!

Becky, Sam and I...thank you ladies!

Brent and I at the finish!

The wonderful quilt made by my Aunt Tammy!
This is what I got to come home too...I am SO BLESSED! LOVE YOU ALL!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boston or Bust...

Well, gettin' all packed for Boston! The race is on Monday (the 18th) and for those that are interested...I am Bib Number 12716 and I begin in Wave two at 10:20!! I am nervous, but ready to go!! I know I can do it...I can finish and am no longer worried about time...just crossing that finish line! I'm not even taking a watch with me...just a camera and a positive attitude! So wish me luck and I'll be thinking of you all on Monday!! Love you! XOXO!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm not slow...I'm just enjoying the course...

Well, I must say, this wasn't my strongest running week. Earlier this week I went for my nice morning run, slower than I wanted it to, but I'm dealing with that. I had an awful taste of metal in my mouth. 3 miles and 30 minutes (yes 30 minutes) later, I was bent over the toilet dry heaving like a college gal coming home from Power and Light. Anyone who's ever been with me when I've had root beer moonshine knows that I am not a peaceful puker-ever heard a donkey being kicked in the ribs over and over? Me neither, but I am assuming that would sound something like me! Good thing I didn't have anything in my stomach! This morning was a bit better, just so slow and I am tired while doing it! I think that's what makes me the most nervous, is that I won't finish. Somedays I feel that there was more I could've done, that I used cancer as my crutch. I could've eaten better, stretched more, done a few more long runs, but I used a lot of excuses. Oh well, you must lie in the bed you've made...even if the sheets haven't been washed! So send me your positive running thoughts on the 18th cause I think I'm gonna need 'em!