Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today... ~James Dean

My First Haircut!!!!!
Had my doc appointment last Thursday-they added 25 more, but said my skin is too thin so we're done!!! I'm at 225 cc's right now, and I was supposed to go to 275-but this is close enough for me! I have an appointment in two weeks to set a surgery date (probably early September)! I could not be more ecstatic! In other exciting news...I went for my first haircut today! My hair seems to be growing all random and wavy, so she cleaned it up and added some wax to complete my faux hawk! I love it! I actually took the blog title of this one from the bathroom at the stylist's! Love the quote...looking back over this quick update, I sure love a lot today! It's just been perfect! XOXO

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cancer needs to get cancer.

Dying Sam's hair!!
So I am at a stopping point (for a bit). Saw the doc-my doc-yesterday, she confirmed that "yes, those are in fact stitches." She then proceeded to take the stitches out that had already popped through my skin, she slapped on some ointment, put on a bandaid and told me to wait another week for a fill. She said my skin is pretty thin so not sure how much more we can fill - guess I'm destined to be an A+ cup, which is quite fine by me, I once heard that more than a handful is too much anyway (oops...earmuffs dad)!

Just testin' out the gals!
Anyway, I cannot complain, I am on the downhill. For those of you who are my faithful blog followers (thank you Laurie), you have read about my wonderful friend Shelley! Compassionate, positive, great cook, smart, has ridiculously good looking know the girl. Well, turns out she has triple negative breast cancer - just found out on July you can see, me and my friends are complete attention whores! (Kidding)!

I don't know what this epidemic is that's going around and I have no idea why it would ever fall on someone who really does know how to live life. I truly do believe life gives you only what you can handle, unfortunately for Shelley, she can handle A LOT! Shelley is ridiculously strong, I don't think I even realized how strong she was until this point. She is always the one to take care of all of us, always on the go, if she has a free minute she will fill it with friends, family, and love! She makes every person in her life feel like the most important person. It will definitely be interesting to see Shelley let someone take care of her for once!!!

My sister Kimberwolf once said, "It's amazing how one word can change your life." Which is so true...
 Most amazing gal!
I was also once told by person, who will remain anonymous, that if I said "I love you" all the time, the sincerity would wear off, it wouldn't mean anything. Well, with that, I heavily disagree...and my "life changing" moment just makes me realize that much more how incredibly lucky and blessed I am. I love life, I love Shelley, I love all my friends and family - with all my sincerity and not just from the bottom, but from the sides, front, and back of my heart...I LOVE YOU! XOXO

If you want to read how incredibly positive, uplifting, and amazing my friend Shelley is, check out her blog at:! I also added a video on the bottom originally posted by our friend James, which I find hilarious...but WARNING...if easily offended, DO NOT watch!!!

My favorite picture...Shelley has the best smile!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

And here I thought I was thick skinned...

This is not to scale...
So I believe this is kind of how the tissue expander is in me...the doc removed all the breast tissue, than lifted my pec muscle (which I am sure was a ton of work since I'm HUGE)! They put the expander under the muscle, than surrounded the bottom of the expander with cadaver tissue, stitching the tissue to my pec muscle, that way the entire expander is surrounded, on the top with my [HUGE] pec and underneath with cadaver tissue. They do this to ensure that the tissue expander is protected, if the expander "sees the light of day" as my doctor said, then they have to remove it and start from scratch.

Sweet edit job yo. 
Why all this information now?? Well it looks like my expander is wanting out...I have a couple of stitches trying to pop through my skin. So needless to say, I didn't have a fill this week, the nurse wants to wait until I can see MY doctor. She doesn't think it'll be a big deal, but just wants to ensure that nothing will tear through, for fear of starting from scratch. I am happy they are so incredibly cautious-so my appointment with the doc is Thursday at 2...hopefully everything will turn out all right and I can continue with my fills! Almost done, almost done...

Friday, July 8, 2011

I like big boobs and I cannot lie...

I am up to 200 cc's now and feel great...except for the pointy edges of the expanders diggin' into my skin. I have about two fills left, than I sit for a month before going into surgery and replacing the expanders with silicone implants. It's just nice to be moving forward in this process and to actually see the finish line...I guess to relate it to running terms, I'm at about mile 22 and haven't "hit the wall" yet, the finish line is just in sight!! Thankfully, my wonderful friend Hollie has been documenting every cc of saline and is making a "movie" to be published here on this blog displaying my ever expanding chest...just to give you sneak peak I pulled one of the pictures she took at my last fill (150 ccs)...see below! Two things to note about this photo...all of my FANTASTIC hair, and how big I am in comparison to that double bubble!! More to come - Love you all!

**Almost forgot to add, my incredible friend Sam killed her structural engineering exam!!! Passed with flying colors! The odds of getting breast cancer are much higher than the odds of passing that exam. She is officially the smartest girl in the country! Way to go Sam!!!