Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fill 'er up!

Well had another 25 cc's today and all is looking good (well as good as it can look)! I have a bit of contact dermatitis from something, but the rash goes nicely with my new LONG hair (see below)! The nurse said I have 100 cc's in each boob and they plan on filling me up to 275 cc's per boob, so only 175 to go! I feel like they are already getting in the way of my arm swing. I tried to find a picture to depict my current "side boob" but when I googled those words, the women's chests that popped up looked NOTHING like mine-damn that sport's illustrated! The nurse said that the expanders will feel and look weird, but once the implants are in, they will look like natural, silicone-filled, cancer free, knockers!
Am I more shocked by my hair or my breateses....

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Tissue expander

The first expansion was today...phew, nerve wracking. The nurse was very nice and calmly tried to explain it all to me. First, she told me that the tissue expanders are made of plastic and they have a magnetic port. She used a magnet to find the port, then marked it with an "x", like a treasure map, except vastly different. She planned on cleaning the area then sticking a giant needle into the "x" to fill the expander...well this immediately sent me into a hot flash-I mean those needles are HUGE. The nurse was sweet and could tell I was nervous so went and got the doc who told me not to worry. She said, "yes" I was being quite the baby and to "suck it up!" Well...that's what she shoulda said anyway-she actually told me that everyone is nervous their first time (insert dirty joke here). Despite how busy she was...she stayed, cleaned me up, and stuck the needle in-surprisingly...didn't feel it at all! She filled me full of 25 cc's of saline (start'n' small). So I think now, I look like a cockeyed A, maybe A+, but it's all good...straight, crooked, or non-existent, I'm cancer free! From now on I go in weekly until I get my knockers (c'mon, there's only so many words for boobs) to the size where I want them. Since I will stay relatively small it shouldn't take long! More to come after next weeks appointment! XOXO

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Short and sweet update!

The drains came out on Monday and I am back at the lake feeling GREAT! I never knew how nice it was to be able to quickly use the restroom or shower without having to hold onto drains or make sure I don't yank them out of my sides! I have a doctor appointment with the plastic surgeon tomorrow, so hopefully she'll approve me for some desk work! I am ready to get back into the swing of things! More updates after the doc appointment! I know...a lot of exclamation points, I promise I'm not yelling everything - they just look happier! XOXO

Friday, June 3, 2011

Drain Pain...

Just a quick update. Went to the doc blood utters (AKA JP Drains) have to stay in until Monday. Going on two weeks with them now and ready to have them removed!! For those of you who do not know what JP drains are, they are just something put in after surgery to capture all the drainage (pretty gross). I basically milk myself on a daily basis and keep track...they have to stay in until I get under 30 ml per day. I'm pretty close...Monday should do it.

Other than that, the appointment went pretty well, they had to put me on another antibiotic, as one breast seemed a bit red and we want to keep out infection, so I'll keep an eye on that and update you on any new findings! I felt a bit bad, I was frustrated and my poor pop had to hear the brunt of it...but he took it well stating he's had to deal with my bitchy attitude for 31 years (this is why I love my fam...always keeping me in check)! I probably did push a little hard yesterday and paid for it by that night...I was pretty sore.

Sam's Tiki party is this weekend, so looks like I'll be sportin' my drains. Guess that's fine, they're totally in this year from what I hear! My hair is growing by the day, I have a nice covering of dark peach fuzz! My Aunt Tammy (the one who made the quilt) and Uncle Bruce should be in town this weekend, so lots of activity! I hope you all are well! XOXO